Our Lady of the Assumption
Roman Catholic Church



Our Lady of the Assumption Church

invites you to a TWO-day celebration of the feast of



on March 18 and March 19


S t .   J o s e p h ’ s   T a b l e

Sunday, March 18

11:00 am- Opening of ST. JOSEPH’S TABLE for viewing

11:15 am- St. Joseph’s Dinner (Tickets available at the entrance)

                 Live and Silent Auction

Monday, March 19

6:30 pm – HOLY MASS  followed by Renewal of Consecration

of the Parish to St. Joseph, Procession, Potluck Dinner, 50-50 Raffle

St. Joseph’s Table

Images, Articles of St. Joseph 

If you would like to lend your images or any article of St. Joseph and of the Holy family to be displayed on St. Joseph’s Table, please bring them to the office no later than Saturday, March 17. Please write owner’s name on a small sheet of paper and tape under  the image.  


You may bring flowers on the 17th or 18th to be placed on St. Joseph’s Table. Please bring them already arranged.

 Food Donations for the Poor

Donations of food (canned/packaged) are now accepted and will be distributed to the poor after the feast. Please bring them no later than Saturday, March 17.


Baked Goods

Baked goods are welcome to be put on the table for auction. 


Live Auction and Silent Auction 

Those who would like to help with solicitations and donations of articles for the live and silent auction, please contact Mrs. Lehmann at (859) 866-3831 or Mrs. Sargent at (859) 485-2098.

We are now accepting articles to be auctioned.



St. Joseph’s Table, also known as St. Joseph’s Altar, is an ancient tradition originated in Sicily, Italy, centuries ago.  There was a severe drought in Sicily.  No rain fell for an extended period of time. The people were starving. They turned to St.  Joseph.  Rain poured, the famine came to end, and in gratitude for the intercession of St. Joseph, an annual offering of the best crops to share with the poor was promised, thus bore the tradition “Tavola di San Giuseppe,”   or St. Joseph’s Table. Today, the faithful decorate St. Joseph’s Table with      elaborate foods, usually meatless dishes (because St. Joseph’s fast falls on Lent), cakes, shaped breads, cookies, patries, and other  delicacies, beautiful flower arrangements, votive candles, and      different religious images. At the center of the Table is an image of St. Joseph. The Table is blessed by a priest. Various customs are now practiced with St. Joseph’s Table.




Draw: St. Joseph’s Feast

 March 19, 2012 


At the Potluck Dinner

(After the 6:30 pm Mass and Procession)


Our Lady of the Assumption Church

472 Beaver Road, Walton, Kentucky 41094


50% of total tickets will go to the winner...and...50% will go to the construction of

St. Joseph Shrine                                                                                            

Ticket price: $1

Raffle tickets are available at the basement after Mass on Sundays and at the church office during office hours