Our Lady of the Assumption
Roman Catholic Church
Family, Friends & Benefactors,

May brought Assumption Academy another delightful celebration as five young men and women graduated from Assumption Academy. It was a beautiful day because of the azure blue skies and warm weather. But also because these young men and women have been given the kind of solid education at our Academy that should provide them with all the virtues and skills to go out in the world and make it a better place.

Assumption Academy (K-12) has grown dramatically in the past 4 years. It opened its doors for the 2010/2011 school year with 30 students. Now we are well over 100 students, and we anticipate growth as far as the eye can see. The fruits are obvious. And the need is obvious too! That's why we are growing. We are energetic, and enthusiastic! If ever it were true, it's true at Assumption Academy...the sky's the limit!

So with all humility, we ask for your generosity in supporting the Academy. Every little bit helps!


Thanks and May God Bless You

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The Programs below Help Assumption Academy Tremendously! 
Thank You for your support!

Amongst the fundraising programs that benefit Assumption Academy are two that require very little up front effort but result in a significant revenue source for the Academy.  These two programs are the Kroger Grocery Stores program, and the Shop With Scrips program.

The Kroger program works by you associating your Kroger rewards card to Assumption Academy.  This program does not affect the points you earn through Kroger in any way.  It takes about 15 minutes of your time to setup the card association, but after that Assumption Academy earns money through your purchases at Kroger, and it's a HUGE benefit to our Academy.  Please see below for details.

The Shop With Scrips program works by you purchasing credits for merchants that you patronize.  So if you already buy items on Amazon.com, you can buy credits up front, and when you use those credits the Academy receives a percentage of the purchase total.  Just as with the Kroger program, it greatly benefits the Academy for just a little bit of effort.  Please see below for details.

Shop With Scrips allows you to earn money for Assumption Academy when purchasing everyday items.
1. go to www.ShopWithScrip.com
2. click on My Account (upper right hand corner)
3. click on "Sign Up Here"
4. Use Enrollment code: E71938L534787
5. You will receive a welcome email with information about the program
6. For questions and more details contact Angela or email: AssumptionChurchKY@gmail.com

Kroger grocery stores have a program for charitable donations.
Assumption Academy can GREATLY benefit from this program!
Sign up today!

As Fr. Purdy has mentioned from the pulpit, and as stated in the bulletin, Kroger has changed the way their charitable donations program works. 

The gift cards that were previously distributed are no longer providing a payout to the Academy

To participate in the new program, your existing Kroger Plus Card number must be associated with the school.  After that, simply scan your Kroger Plus card at the register, or gas pump EVERY time you make a purchase, just as you normally do, so that all of your purchases are calculated towards the school's award amount.  As you can see, participation is easier under the new program!

Be assured that participation in this program does not affect the points you earn through Kroger in any way.

Getting your Kroger Plus Card number associated with the school can be completed by following these simple steps:

1. go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com
2. Click on "Create An Account" in the top right corner (have your Kroger Plus Card number or alternate ID handy)
3. Verify your new login by clicking on the link in the email they will send you
4. Login using your new login account
5. Go into "My Account" then "Community Rewards" and click "Edit"
6. Enter "Assumption" into the search box and click search
7. Select Assumption Academy, Walton, KY
8. Make sure you click SAVE CHANGES

For assistance please do not hesitate to contact Alyssa Lehmann or Art Bales.  You can contact them by sending email to: AssumptionChurchKY@gmail.com

If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card, one can be provided for you.  Even if you don't shop at Kroger that often, your participation is strongly encouraged.  Every dollar spent is calculated towards the school's award amount so even if it's only a small purchase, many small purchases can add up very quickly.  Every little bit helps!

Things to remember:
* Scan your Kroger Plus Card EVERY time you make a purchase or pump gas
* Anyone can participate at any Kroger, anywhere in the country!
* Please ask family & friends to register their Kroger Plus Card to be counted towards the school.